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5 Strategies Local SEO Agency Should Use

5 Strategies your Local SEO Agency Should be Using

For many companies, a significant percentage of their business originates from local customers. If you have such a business model, make sure to seek the services of a Local SEO Agency. Here are 4 strategies that should be an integral part of your local SEO strategy.

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1. Get Your Local Business Listings

You should get local business listings and ensure that it is accurate and always updated. Most importantly, you should include an embedded Google Map on your site with your business already listed in it. When your business’ location is embedded on it, it can do wonders for your local SEO.

You can ask your Local SEO Agency to ensure this. Also make sure to have your precise location verified and all incorrect information updated on a regular basis. For example, if your phone number or physical address changes, it must be updated. An outdated business listing can cause a lot of damage to your local SEO.

2. Mention your State and city in Webpage Content

Make sure that information about your location appears in a few places on your webpages. This does not mean that this information should be repeated too many times. You can ask your Local SEO Agency to research relevant variations of long-tail keywords containing your city and state name. Then you can have these keywords included on your pages.

3. Become Active in Responding to Online Reviews

If you have the time, you should start responding to online reviews about your business. This is a powerful way to boost your local search rankings. Ask your Local SEO Agency to pursue this strategy. Make sure to respond to all types of reviews – both positive and negative ones. You should also encourage your clients to post their reviews on your business listing pages. This is further going to boost your SEO signals.

If you have more positive reviews, they can further help increase the chances of generating new sales. Make it easy for people to post reviews. One way is to integrate Facebook comments. This will no longer require users to sign-up to be able to post reviews.

4. Pursue Quality Links

If you can generate backlinks from sites like Yelp and other local-business directories, it can help in improving your local search rankings. Such websites can give you the power of both online reviews and local listings. Ask your SEO consultant to include this strategy into your overall plan.

5. Develop Local Content

Creating local content is also a great way to enhance your local rankings. One way to do this sis to create a local landing page with rich content. The content should optimize keywords that include your location. This is going to help boost your rankings.

This strategy can be beneficial from a competitive perspective too. While most of your competitors are focused on ranking high on general search results, you can ask your Local SEO Agency to develop local content pages to remain a step ahead.

So follow these tips and you will be able to boost your local SEO and drive more local leads and sales.

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