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How Can a Facebook SEO Company Help Your Business?

How Can a Facebook SEO Company Help Your Business?

There are many benefits of hiring the services of a Facebook SEO Company. It is well known that social signals play an important role in Google rankings. Google has already accepted it, and social content updates have been found to help affect search rankings. When combined with other SEO strategies, optimizing your Facebook campaign can help generate groundbreaking search ranking results.

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Social Media Profiles & Search Rankings

Your social media profiles have an effect on the content displayed in search results. When created and updated the right way, your social media profiles appear in the top search results for your brand. A Facebook SEO Company can help in implementing the right strategies to boost your search rankings.

More Personal Experience

Social channels create a more personal experience than webpages. They can help in creating a better sense of your business’ personality among your target audience. When people come across your social account in the top search results, they are as likely to click on it as they would on your website. Your Facebook SEO Company can also use the social site for building links back to your site.

Benefits of Graph Search

Graph search is a powerful tool used by a Facebook SEO Company to help boost your SEO strategy. It is a semantic search system that accepts advanced user queries. It will parse natural language in addition to conventional keyword matching. In fact, it supplements Facebook’s content with Bing data when there is not much information available on the social site.

Graph Search harnesses the power of interconnectivity of the following to provide results which are even not possible with other search engines:

  • Facebook friends.
  • Friends of Friends.
  • All the Facebook data of users.

Most importantly, a Facebook SEO Company can make the most of Graph Search to add social signals to the algorithmic functions of search engines.

Your Facebook SEO Company can use Graph Search in at least 2 ways:

  • It can be used to study both your fans and their interests at deeper levels. It can also be used to analyze your competition and learn about the likes and dislikes of their fans.
  • They can strategize to ensure that your business can be found in Graph Search.

Other Steps on Facebook to Boost SEO

There are many other strategies that a Facebook SEO Company can implement to help you make the most of Facebook’s SEO powers. They can:

  • Customize the Facebook URL.
  • Optimize your content and profile information using the right keywords.
  • Optimize your page name so that it is either your company name or brand name.
  • Connecting your Facebook page to your overall online presence, ensuring consistency.
  • Using Graph Search for researching your competitors and customers.

An experienced Facebook SEO Company knows how to build quality links and traffic to your site and other web properties. They can also help you get insights into what your competition and fans are talking about. If you are not yet using such a service, it is high time you took the first step to boosting your SEO.

Facebook SEO Company Can Help Your Business

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