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New SEO Company Trends for 2017

Wondering if your SEO company has what it takes to keep up with the new playing field this year? Read below and find out… Our buddy Jayson sheds some light

1. The Rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs).

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are an open-source protocol that allows webmasters to create pages capable of loading almost instantly on mobile devices. The idea is that a handful of simple structural changes can make your site load up to four times faster and use eight times less data. Obviously, this is beneficial for a number of reasons. Google is starting to favor sites that have switched over to AMPs, giving them visibility in a carousel and a small icon (with a lightning bolt) indicating their AMP status. In 2017, I anticipate we’ll see more favoritism for AMPs in search results, with more brands taking advantage of the option.

2. The Rise of “Dense” Content Created by an SEO Company.

People are getting sick of reading the same fluff content over and over again, in different words. Early content marketing strategies deployed by an SEO company were focused on producing as much simple content as possible, but for the past few years, we’ve seen a surge in “epic” content; long pieces that cover a topic comprehensively. But as the market’s been flooded with both types of content, I feel a new trend may ignore length entirely, focusing on providing as much information as possible in the smallest possible space—dense content—to appeal to readers.

3. Machine Learning Will Change the Way the Algorithm Works.

Google RankBrain was released late last year, and opened the door to the possibility of algorithmic machine learning. The extension of Google Hummingbird functions as a way to gradually learn more about how users phrase conversational queries—and update its algorithm automatically accordingly. We haven’t seen another update like it since, but I anticipate we’re overdue for one. Google will probably start releasing more machine learning updates as the years go on, starting next year, and we may even see machine learning in other areas, such as data interpretation or marketing automation, as well.

4. Personal Branding Will Become an SEO Company Secret Weapon.

I’ve been a proponent of personal branding as a core strategy for an SEO Company for many years now. With a personal brand, you’ll have an easier time securing guest posts, building user trust, and driving more traffic to your website. However, a shockingly low number of brands have taken advantage of this in their SEO efforts. As social media platforms like Facebook continue refining their algorithms to favor individual posts over branded posts, I anticipate we’ll see more companies and organizations take advantage of personal branding. This will simultaneously lead to more opportunities and more competition, so watch out—and make sure your strategy is in order.

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