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What are the Best Mobile Strategies Offered by Digital Marketing Experts?

What are the Best Mobile Strategies Offered by Digital Marketing Experts?

Mobile marketing is a must have strategy in online marketing plan. There has been a major increase in the use of smart phones and tablets in the last few years. Users spend more time on their smart devices than on desktops and laptops. In fact, mobile traffic now accounts for almost half of the total traffic received by search engines. Most of the best Digital Marketing Experts will offer mobile promotion as part of their plan. Here are the best mobile strategies which must be part of your overall digital plan.

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1. Custom Mobile Content 

Your Digital Marketing Experts can optimize your content and messages for the mobile. There are many elements that define the mobile platforms and your content has to be adapted to these factors:

  • Small displays
  • Short attention spans
  • Slow internet connectivity

Keep your content short and engaging, so as to make sure that your visitors will easily and instantly engage with it. Your ads must also adapt to mobile features. If your goal is to capture the details of the visitors, you must create a simple and quick process.

You should also redesign your site so that it is responsive. Mobile ready sites can adapt to various types and sizes of screens without losing on the basic functions.

2. Invest in Apps

Ask your Digital Marketing Experts to create apps that simplify the processes for your clients and prospects. You can also create apps which are free from and beyond your product offering. Create exciting and engaging apps which are relevant to your niche. The more your prospects engage with your apps, the more will be the chances you can convert them.

3. Build a Regular Engagement Strategy

Many business owners will just stop at creating an app and doing nothing about it. You should also use your apps to improve the level of engagement. Make sure that it is pleasing so that both your clients and prospects are going to return and reuse it again and again.

Your apps should make your new users feel that they are welcome. One of the best methods is to segment your users and modify your apps for each group. You must also assess your content and choose the mode of delivery. Use this info to create a regular flow of updates.

4. Optimize Email Marketing for Mobile

Ask your Digital Marketing Experts to adapt your email marketing campaign to mobile. A large share of your target audience now checks email on its smart phone or tablets. You can adapt your messages using these tips:

  • Create short messages with clear call to action
  • Create short and action based subject lines
  • Use only mobile ready response channels

Use metrics to find out the users who read your emails on smart phones and tablets. This info can be used to create and send out mobile ready emails.

When developing your mobile strategy, make sure to seek the help of Digital Marketing Experts. You may use SEO, social media, email marketing, or website optimization at the individual level or in combo. You will need expert help to create and run these campaigns.

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