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30+ (More) Most Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks And Hacks

WordPress Tips By Richard Linden, Founder of WebVisable SEO, Online Marketing & Web Solutions – April 2th, 2014

Most of the WordPress blogs look more or less similar these days, to stand uniquely out from the rest, you have got to tweak it. And by tweaking, we mean really getting your hands dirty down on the blog theme and PHP codes. We’ve previously showcased more than 40 tricks and hacks you can perform on your blog but we quickly realized there are still a lot of impressive WordPress tricks, hacks and plugins out there that we thought are really great.

So as a sequel, here’s another 30+ WordPress tricks and hack. If you are wondering how some bloggers add those cool functions, mods or displays on their WordPress blog, be sure to run through our list. You might just find the solution in here.

Additional WordPress tips for beginners:

1. Only show Vine video on WordPress Tips blog

Goto WordPress dashboard, click ‘add new post’ to start with new post article. Click onText button to switch post editor to text only mode and then paste the following code:

<iframe src=”http://vine.co/v/b1Mbu3EDtI5/card” height=”400″ width=”400″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>


In the above code, you can modify Vine video URL (vine.co/v/b1hUq3V5iIY) and height – width settings as per requirement.

2. Embed Tweet that has Vine video attachment

Just goto ‘Text’ mode of the post editor and then paste the URL of the Tweet containing Vine video as attachment. For example, paste following:


Above will show box containing tweet message and then attached Vine video. This will not work, if you have disabled auto embeds on the WordPress (by default auto embed feature is enabled in WordPress).

3. Using embed code for a Tweet with Vine video

Just open Tweet message with the Vine video, for example like this and then click on More button. Then click Embed Tweet option and copy the displayed code.


Paste that code in your WordPress blog post while using editor in ‘text’ only mode. This will display whole tweet message along with Vine video in a neat wrapper box.

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