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Orange County

The Real Facts about Orange County

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Real Facts About Orange County! Most people dont realize how truly interesting Orange County, CA is and that the Real Facts about Orange County will give you the inside scoop of the who,l what, when, why and where of the OC. First and foremost, when you think about the Real Facts about Orange County do not think Disneyland! Disneyland is great and all, however, most OC locals dont even go to the local theme parks such as Disneyland and Knotts Berry farm. Us real OC local love the beach, small dive bards and food truck that show up outside the local bars Read More

Social Media Facts

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We all know that #socialmedia is an important part of our modern day lives, but just how absorbed in the virtual world are we? Here are some Social Media Facts about social media that may make you want to put down the smartphone and get outside. Social Media Facts: 82% of women believe that social media influences how we define beauty 73% of people believe they would panic if they lost their smartphone 23% of Facebook users check their account over 5 times per day Social media is the most popular activity online More people own a mobile device than Read More

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