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Why Everyone Needs a Website

The New Business Card – Why Everyone Needs a Website

It used to be that if you didn’t have a business card, you weren’t really in business. Today, the same is true of a web page. If you don’t have a website and can’t be found on the Internet, then your business is merely obsolete. More often than not, establishing a business in this modern world means that everyone needs a website – that’s just reality!


Creating a webpage isn’t as expensive or difficult as it used to be. There are templates to help you as well as people you can hire to help design your brand. Because that’s what having a webpage is all about – branding. Having a presence on the Internet will both legitimize your business and help you establish an image, which is why everyone needs a website these days. Just to be clear – developing a webpage doesn’t mean you need to immerse yourself in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook (although it is essential to creating a well-rounded brand). It is simply an extension of your professionalism. It helps you look like you’re in business!

Also, please keep in mind that your webpage design should mirror the industry that you’re in. As someone once explained to me, you wouldn’t wear shorts to a cocktail party, would you? This is why it may be necessary to hire an expert to help you – someone that really understands how designs (be it your website, logo, etc.) convey different sentiments. Appropriateness is key. Because obviously, a poorly designed website can negatively influence people’s opinion of your business. Check out e-lance or a similar site for potential web designers for hire.

So want to get started on creating your new business card? Give WebVisable a call at 855-639-8444 and we will teach you why we think everyone needs a website! Because after all, its the new and improved business card. Let’s take business to the next level!

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