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5 Key Aspects of Facebook Privacy Policy

5 Key Aspects of Facebook Privacy Policy

When it comes to Facebook Privacy Policy, they are quite detailed. This means you can adjust the privacy settings to the lowest level within your Facebook account. However, this advanced level of control also makes Facebook’s privacy quite complicated at times. Here are 5 aspects of the social network’s privacy policy that everyone should know about.

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Facebook Privacy Policy


1. Browser Cookies & Facebook

When users visit websites, these sites’ cookies can ‘follow’ you and show ads to you when you are on Facebook. Websites are using browser cookies to capture all their visitors. As part of Facebook Privacy Policy, these sites can ‘ask’ the social network to display ads to these visitors. It is not just on Facebook, they can also display their ads to their visitors on other sites.

2. Facebook Tracks Your Activities

Another aspect of Facebook Privacy Policy is that it can track you wherever you go and gather information about your online activities once you have been on the site. So when a user has logged in to the social site and moved to other sites or apps, it can get all that data.

Besides, Facebook can also gather data related to your activities on other sites and apps owned by the company. The social site can also track your activities when you move to Instagram and WhatsApp.

3. Photo Privacy Settings

The settings for photos on Facebook Privacy Policy can be quite deep. Users cannot apply the same settings to all their current photos. Users will have to check all their albums and make changes to the privacy settings for each one. This also applies to the Wall Photos.

4. Connection Settings

Another point that makes Facebook Privacy Policy unique is that it offers different privacy settings for connecting and for sharing content. Connecting on Facebook involves the following information including gender, profile photo, age, hometown, education and much more.

This info plays an important role in determining how people can find users on the site. Other aspects of connecting on Facebook include searching a user by their name, being able to add as friend and send a message. As part of Facebook Privacy Policy, the social site allows users to change the settings for all these elements.

5. Information Available to Friends

Facebook’s privacy settings can become even more complex when it comes to enabling access to info to your friends. It doesn’t matter how tightly the Facebook Privacy Policy is set, you will still share some amount of content and info with your friends. If those friends have relaxed privacy settings, and share your info, others can see that content. So Facebook requires its users to work at advanced security settings to be able to control what others can see about you.

Thus, Facebook Privacy Policy can seem to be too complex at times. You may have to make changes at deeper levels to ensure that you have total control over your info and what other sites can see about you.

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