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Help getting on the First Page of Google?

Need Help getting on the First Page of Google?

If you have a business website, you must be in constant efforts to figure out how to keep it at the top of search results. It also means that you will need the help of a good Web Design & Development company that will also handle SEO for you. They will provide help getting on the first page of Google.

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 Help getting on the First Page of Google webvisable

But there are some things you too should be aware of and should know what things you should be doing to stay at the top:

  • Keyword/Keyphrases Research– The Company that will help getting on the first page of Google will first check which keywords and key phrases have to be used to attract the right kind of traffic.
  • Website Structure Design– It’s also very important to use the best optimization website code-structures. his helps in natural SEO & Site indexation. A well-planned Website Structure ups website ranking & your site loading speed.
  • Link Tree Structures- This is important for Natural SEO. The 3 types of link structures are- Positive Link Structure, Negative Link Structures & Interlinking Structures
  • Heading Tag Strategy– The heading tags that is used for your content are very important too. For example the H1 tag has to be used once, H2 Tags – 2 times, H3 Tags – 3 times, H4 Tags – 4 times, H5 Tags– 5 times and H6 Tags- 6 times in any single Web page. These tags play a trigger-role for the Google crawler to indicate exactly which content is more important
  • Content Writing Strategy– Website companies have a lot of experience in writing content for the sites they design. But then, almost all the companies are doing exactly the same thing. So when a company gives you help getting on the first page of Google, they need to ensure that they are writing for end-users and not just for search engines.
  • Rich Content Writing– Today, SEO is more than just sprinkling keywords in the content. Making your content tick is about adding audio & video as well as PPT’s and inforgraphics. This can be done via embed code, linking etc
  • Quality Back Links– If you want help getting on the First Page of Google, you should also ensure that the company that is handling SEO for you gets quality back links from other industry-related sites
  • Social Sharing– This is one more technique that will help getting on the first page of Google. It can boost your search engine results by at least 30%. Articles can be posted and shared via various social media sites including Google+,Twitter, Facebook etc

Other Things to Do

Apart from all these things, ensure that the content on your site is updated on a regular basis. When you have fresh content it will help getting on the first page of Google. You can add something to existing articles or post new content too. It’s also important to analyze your complete content strategy and consistency and persistence pays off.

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