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How to Design a Website

How to Design a Website

We all want a fantastic website and yet, it’s not all that easy. If you attempt to design a website yourself, you may just find that it hasn’t turned out looking as professional as you would like it to be, or maybe the colours are just not right or the layout does not fit in well with the actual design. There are some simple tips to How to Design a Website.

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These are the things you should be focusing on:

Type Design Fundamentals

The key to good Website Design is to remember that the Internet is not much more than large amounts of text. This makes it crucial to focus on typography design and these are the fundamentals they should be focusing on:

  • Headlines– Make them very bold & easy to scan. Use easy and stark type-faces such as Sans Serif. Use a larger font size and maximize legibility for the body text. Lines should not exceed 50-60 characters in length
  • Typeface– Ensure that this is solid and of course you can get a little whimsical with the rest. It should be easy to read and have character all at once.
  • Pick a 3-Color Palette & Maintain Consistency– When you are learning How to Design a Website, choosing a color pallet becomes important. The key lies in picking a 3-color palette and then sticking to it. Try natural pallets- they look amazing and then use one very strong accent color very boldly. The colors you use should match the personality of your business. For instance, if you are in the finance business, you do not want a website that looks like a rainbow. If you are selling toys for kids, you do not want a drab and dull site with shades of black and grey
  • Accurately-Sized Photos– Keep in mind that the web is Pixel-based. If the image you pick is not large enough, when you post it on your site, it will end up looking pixilated. Photo-clarity adds a great deal of credibility to a website
  • Breathing Room– When you are focusing on How to Design a Website, ensure that your site is not choc-a-bloc with information. If you are unsure about how to use any space on the site, just leave it blank. Do not add content or images just for the sake of adding them. That will only clutter the site and make it look unkempt. Break up the text-say more with less and make sure that the images and videos do not overwhelm the text. Maintaining the right balance is important

Getting the Concept Right

How to Design a Website and then create the right impact is a lot about picking an aesthetic and then sticking to it. If you try to start out with one design concept and then take it in another direction halfway through, it will tank very badly. All these things are not easy to master and get right. The best option is to hire the services Web Design company that knows How to Design a Website.

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