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Increase Targeted Website Traffic

Learn how to increase targeted website traffic

Increase Targeted Website Traffic

You don’t only want to increase your website’s traffic but in reality what you want is to get more targeted visitors coming to your website. The reasons are a lot and the ways to do it even more and this is what our friends from Reliable will explain in this blog post.

What is targeted traffic?

The difference between targeted visitors and normal visitors (non-targeted) is that targeted visitors have a specific goal in mind while normal visitors are browsing the web without having a particular objective.

Targeted visitors are looking for a solution to their problem and they are visiting your website because they believe they can find the answer to their question, the product or service they want. In other words targeted traffic are those people that visit a website with the intention of performing an action.

Why do you need targeted traffic?

Increase your conversions: From the examples above it should be obvious that what you need is targeted traffic because that will increase your conversion rates since targeted visitors are more likely to click an ad for a product they are interested in.

Increase readers and email subscribers: If you can manage to keep targeted visitors happy though your content and website experience then most probably they will visit again and also subscribe to your email list.

Increase social media shares: Targeted visitors will share something on their Facebook or twitter if they like it. I don’t have any statistics to back this assumption but it makes sense to LIKE something if it solves your problem (in case you are looking for answers) or satisfies a need (in case your are looking for products).

How can you increase targeted website traffic

Hire a professional firm: The best way to increase targeted website traffic is to hire the pros to do it for you! Webvisable has over 20 years in successfully doing just that, increasing qualified leads and therefor conversions. So don’t hesitate! Get your free quote today!