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WebVisable SEO Ethics & Values

WebVisable was founded in 2011 by Richard Linden And Rob Blakeley with two core principles in mind, conducting business with Honesty and Integrity.


The core values of WebVisable SEO include:

  • Professional and personal ethics in all our ventures.
  • Raising the benchmark of our service standards at all times.
  • Under promising and over delivering in terms of effort and results.
  • Building continued and lasting relationships with our team, associates and clients.
  • See all our partners as an extension of our organization and a part of our strategic team.
  • Developing a global work culture rooted in the best of business practices.
  • Valuing human resources and human value above its commercial value at all times.


Code of SEO Ethics:

  • We will always value messaging to target users ahead of pandering to search engines.
  • Our focus will always be on promoting marketing best practices; we do not cut SEO corners.
  • We will strive to continually educate the team and clients alike on SEO best practices and latest industry trends.
  • We will not practice black hat SEO, even if clients want us to, we are “Whit-hat” only.
  • We will provide professional service at a fair price for the time and effort.
  • We will not do anything that will hurt our clients’ business and our professional credibility in the long term.