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6 Months FREE SEO!

6 Months FREE SEO Promotion!

***This promotion has been discontinued as of October 15th, 2014***

After 90 days of running this successful promotion we are proud to announce that we gained over 50 new SEO clients and can no longer offer this discounted rate.

Please check back periodically for updates and future promotions!

6 months free seo company promotional flyer

SEO Package Details:

Sign up for 6 months of our small business SEO program ($499/month) and we will give you months 7-12 for FREE!

Here’s what you get: (FREE SEO? Sign me up!)

  • 150 high-traffic premium directly listings (Geomarketing)
  • Unique profiles uploaded to each of the 150 directory sites, your business will stand out from the crowd in local searches everywhere.
  • Company pictures, descriptions and promotions to your website or business that help you rise up in the SERP’s (search engine result pages) rankings.
  • 150+ back-links each week re-directing people actively searching for your products to your website or business. We like to call this “Quality Traffic”, or “Qualified Leads”.
  • 10 industry specific keywords that you would like your business to be ranked for. These keywords are updated and re-indexed each week. 
  • Increased Visibility, Increased brand awareness, increased traffic, and increased conversion rates.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your businesses online marketing fait rests in the hand of the WebVisable Experts. (Who by the way are the best in the field of SEO).

Please note this offer is for first time WebVisable customers, after the first 12 months are completed the program will default to the standard $499/month. This offer is for a 12 month contractual commitment. A 10% discount is offered for clients that pay annually versus monthly.

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