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How Social Networking Can Build Your Business

How Social Networking Services Can Build Your Business

By Richard Linden March 5, 2014

If you are a new or growing business owner, you may be at a standstill when it comes to your clientele. You can advertise in newspapers and on local billboards, but the majority of your customers are going to be online. This is why social networking services is becoming a major hot spot for new and budding business owners. You can get your company known quickly without all of the fuss and investment that comes with advertising.  But there are a few things you should know about social networking services before you simply begin creating your own Facebook page.


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As a business owner, social networking services can be the perfect tool for you to bring in new customers. Let’s say that you are a restaurant owner who just opened their business. You may find that no one is coming into the restaurant because no one in the local area knows about it. You can create a page for your company on Facebook and Twitter. Look for and add people who are living in the area or who travel there often. Be sure to link up with other restaurants in the area to spread the word that you’re a new business that just opened.

Many companies have done quite well with social networking services. You may already know of some small businesses in your town that are now booming simply because they have their own popular blog online. Other companies are doing well because of giving away free samples of their product. People love freebies, so you should consider offering something to your customers in the beginning of your business venture. The idea is to get your name out there and to attract as many people as possible. Create a blog or tweet on your Twitter timeline every day. Just like Oracle’s Charles Phillips, who is an example of a CEO who has actively embraced social media, this keeps everything fresh and new when it comes to your business.

When you are social networking services online, you are going to be dealing with people over the Internet. Some of your more dissatisfied customers may find it easier to come forward and express their dislike for your company using your Twitter or Facebook. When dealing with negative feedback, you should always conduct yourself in a professional manner. Do not insult a person if they insult your business. While it may seem okay at the time, other people will read your unprofessional backlashes and this will reflect negatively upon you. It is best to always be professional, no matter who you are dealing with on the Internet.

Whether you’ve decided to run a blog or you just enjoy tweeting on Twitter, it is so important for you to get your business known online so that you can grow your clientele. You will be amazed at how many people come into your new restaurant, boutique, or cafe when you begin spreading the word online. The most important thing is to stay professional and to conduct yourself positively online when dealing with customers. While there is no reason to be uptight and robotic, you should make sure that you are as professional as possible.

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