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Top 4 Mistakes to be Avoided By Webmasters & SEO Services in Orange county

Top 4 Mistakes to be Avoided By Webmasters & SEO Services in Orange county

The dynamics in SEO are constantly changing. It is increasingly important to match up with its ever evolving algorithms and techniques. Despite Google penalizing websites every now and then, many webmasters and SEOs continue to stick with the old strategies. Here are 4 mistakes that should be avoided by any webmaster or SEO Services in Orange county.

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1. Continuing to Build Low-Quality Backlinks

The days of building hundreds of backlinks are over. You should no longer follow those tactics. There is a very good chance that these old tactics will result in penalties rather than doing anything good. Things have especially become more serious after Google’s continuous updates of Penguin versions.

Quality of backlinks is a major factor in SEO. Backlink profiles which are potentially seen as spams can attract penalties. It is important to focus on getting links from high authority and relevant sites. Many SEO Services in Orange county continue to run campaigns where they focus is to generate hundreds if not thousands of backlinks without verifying the sources.

2. Using Plagiarized Content

It is easy to copy and use content from other sites in your niche. Many SEO Services in Orange county and content developers use these strategies. If you take this easy way out and use copied content from other sites, this can adversely affect your search rankings. Google may even de-index your site, which means people may no longer be able to find your webpages in search results.

Never use duplicate content on your webpages. It is one of the biggest factors that lead to penalties. On the other hand, maintaining original content can go a long way in improving your search engine rankings.

3. Creating Hard-to-index Websites

Create pages with lighter elements which are easier to index. Some of the common mistakes which are still found among many sites are:

  • Overusing images – You load up your pages with more images than essential. This will not only reduce the load time, it has other effects too. Textual matter in images is unreadable for search engines. Many SEO Services in Orange county use images even to display their texts, including contact information. Such information cannot be indexed by search engines.
  • Code Elements like JavaScript – Code elements are known to enhance functionality. But they are extremely difficult to index. Make sure that your website’s robot.txt file is formatted to display textual-based version too. Besides, many searchers and visitors disable JavaScript on their browsers, which means they will not be able to view your site’s full functionality. It is recommended to keep these coding elements to the minimum.
  • Use of Flash – The age of Flash is already over. But many site owners still use it for its flashy colors and looks. Search engines can find it extremely difficult to crawl and access the information kept in animations. So it is important not to use these elements in excess.

4. Not updating Websites for Mobile Friendliness

Even after Google released the mobile-friendliness algorithm, it reported within the first week that only 4% new websites upgraded themselves. Even when this has become a well known ranking factor, many SEO Services in Orange county have failed to keep up. So make sure that your site is upgraded for responsive design.

So make sure to avoid these SEO mistakes to protect your site from getting penalized on Google and other search engines.

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