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Our Awesome Team

We’re Robert Bloodgood, Bob Bloodgood, Stepahie Lugo, Michael Danke, Ashley Yvonne, Kayla Baker. We love what we do, not just the technical aspects of digital organizations, but working with people, helping them start and grow their business, solving problems, and making our clients lives easier.

WebVisable is a full-service Digital Marketing & Web Solutions Company based in Orange County, CA. We have designed and executed 100’s “successful” digital marketing campaigns for over 200 businesses such as Wahoo’s Tacos, O’Neill, Red Robin Restaurants, Employers-Resource, Watermark Church, Marriott Hotels, Pelican Hill Resort and many more.

Our team brings forth over 50 years collective industry experience and consists of the top Digital Experts around. With each team member having a formal academic background and specializing in the “Virtual Organization”, our focus is on total web presence management including digital marketing, Expert Web design, User Experience Manipulation, Conversion strategy and Data Analytics Management. If you have any questions drop us a line we’d love to see what we can do for you.

Meet Our Talented WebVisable Team Of Experts

Richard Linden "Richie Rich"

Head Geek & Analytics Extraordinaire

Richard holds a BS in Business from SDSU, an MBA & MS in Technology from Concordia University, a Ph.D in Technology in Entrepreneurship from Walden University, Dissertation “A Quantitative Comparison of Advertising Elasticity – Read Abstract – and has over 17 years experience in successfully developing and growing businesses. 

Lizzie Kassab "Busy Lizzie"

Art Director

Lizzie is also a Graduate of The University of Michigan with a major in History of Art, and a minor in Art & Design. Lizzie brings forth over 8 years of experience in her field(s) and currently serves as a Graphic Artist, Photographer, Creative Design Web Content Strategy write for the WebVisable Group.

Hunter Podell "Youngster"

Business Development Sales Ninja

Hunter recently graduated from SDSU in the spring of 2016 with a degree in marketing. As Hunter is still located in San Diego, he joins the Webvisable team to develop the market further down south.

Robert Bloodgood

SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist

Robert has been in the “digital marketing” space since 2007 and  has over 8 years experience in successfully developing and deploying digital, marketing & SEO campaigns. Legend has it that Robert can generate a zillion leads per minute with a simple blink of his eyes.

Kayla Baker "OMG Its KB"

Operations & Accoutning

Kayla is a junior at California State Fullerton University here in Orange County California. Kayla interned at Webvisable a year ago before leavening to live in Australia last summer. Kayla manages our day-2-day operations and accounting.

Kaia Linden

Secret Weapon

Kaia (The Escape Artist) Linden is Webvisable’s special projects supervisor and our-secret weapon. Kaia is an expert at chewing through problems and sniffing out all possible solutions for our clients, and for our staff. If your new website or seo ranking problem is a head-scratcher, Kaia’s head is the one to scratch – she’s always available to sit, stay, and roll over on important tasks.